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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Body Painting Festival Photos from Seeboden, Austria

denim jeans body paintDenim jeans body painting on body painting festival at Seeboden, Austria.

Beautiful Art of Body Painting

Body painting is a work of art that not on canvas scratched but in the human body was brought to the art. Body art painting is very good as a tattoo, but this body painting can be removed if the tattoo can not. Body art sketch also deviate from the teachings of religion in the body because it painting off mode, so this sketch body also called bare naked. Actually this is about the body paint? Why are women always so distorted object artwork by painting on the human body.

cloting body paint
Most of this body painting enjoyed by the upper class, to relax in natural kesetresan viewers or also to hallucinate about sex in a less harmonious in their family.

full characters body paint
For body painting also dancer artwork victimized because they appear in nude and sexy in front of visitors who enjoy the spectacle of an important body that own. Because less money compared to what he saw.

American Flag Sexy Woman Full Body Painting

american flag body painting 1american flag body painting

american flag body painting 2sexy woman of american flag full body painting design

Warrior Series Body Painting

warrior series body paintingWarrior series body painting with patterns such as insects

Body Painting on The Jungle Concept by Oregon Body Painter Jeff Egli

There are photos of very beautiful and interesting than some sexy body painting models with the concept of wild animals in the forest by Oregon body painter Jeff Egli .

jungle body paint model 1jungle body paint model 1

jungle body paint model 2jungle body paint model 2

jungle body paint model 4Rata Tengahjungle body paint model 4

jungle body paint model 5jungle body paint model 5

jungle body paint model 6jungle body paint model 6

jungle body paint model 7jungle body paint model 7

jungle body paint model 8jungle body paint model 8

jungle body paint model 9jungle body paint model 9

jungle body paint model 10jungle body paint model 10

Monday, April 26, 2010

3d Famous Painting of Devil Illusion Design

A 3d paintings that looked a lot more than just painting. Kert has made and look more realistic. Looks like the devil really is out of the earth, this is a story that is described through the famous 3d painting below:

3d famous painting

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oil Paintings - escaliers de Valparaiso / stairs of Valparaiso (Chile)

Oil Painting - escaliers de Valparaisoescaliers de Valparaiso / stairs of Valparaiso (Chile), maybe this is one of famous paintings. This Oil Paintings on canvas by letterman originally uploaded by chrisaqua47

Painting for Face Games Make Up

face painting make upnice and creative face painting / body painting games make up, this originally face painting make up uploaded by Erwan bazin photographie

Friday, April 9, 2010

Body Painting - Chinese Cheong-sam

A Chinese woman painted in a traditional Cheong-sam outfit.

Japanese Geisha Body Painting

A semi nude participant in World Body Painting Festival with Japanese Geisha theme.

Japanese Geisha Body Painting

Just post, the recommended reading
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Body Painting – Ethiopian African Style

A sexy body painted model with the Ethiopian National colors, the AfroSonic (sponsor) logo and body painted bling.

Body Painting Ethiopian African Style – AfroSonic

Body Painting Ethiopian African Style – AfroSonic

Body Painting Ethiopian African Style – AfroSonic

Body Painting Ethiopian African Style – AfroSonic

More body painted photos of Ethiopian African Style - AfroSonic by AirBrushToronto

Body Painting - Casino

A model with sexy body painting with Casino as the theme.

Body painting - Wild Animal Stripes

Body painting on sexy women. The body painting pattern is not exactly matching any particular animal.

Body painting - Wild Animal Stripes
Black and white animal stripes

Body painting - Wild Animal Stripes
Orange body with black and white stripes.

1999 Swimsuit Body Painting

sexy swimsuit body painting

About this swimsuit body painting:
Year: 1999
Swimsuit: Swimsuit by Swim Fair ($60)
Photographed by: Antoine Verglas
Model: Heidi Klum

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Expression Oil Painting by Clare

clare first expression oil paintingThis is first expression oil paintings made by Clare. This originally oil paintings uploaded by walkinginthewoods

Two Sexy and Nice Woman Body Painting

two sexy women body paintingYou are looking for two sexy women body painting. originally uploaded by kenkeps

Witchblade Full Back Body Painting

witchblade full back body painting

This is witchblade full back female body painting. He stopped traffic. Surprised? There is a wide circle around him photographing wild. She then said something about visiting the vendors if you are interested in body paint and run. What? He's just a huckster! Nice sales job

originally body painting uploaded by FotoToad

Marge Simpson Oil Painting on Canvas

Marge Simpson oil painting on canvasMarge Simpson oil paintings on canvas by letterman, nice oil paintings art

Homer Simpson Oil Painting on Canvas

Simpson oil painting

This is Homer Simpson oil paintings on canvas by letterman. If you are afraid of real life Homer. Then check this out Homer and Marge Simpson on canvas depict some British aristocrats of the 18th century.

The First Oil Painting by Danny Roberts

first oil painting by Danny Roberts
Danny Roberts decided he wanted to learn how to oil paintings. And his friend Sophie Ward was staying at my house. This first oil paintings originally uploaded by Danny Roberts