Monday, November 2, 2009

17,000 USD To Picture The Painted by dogs

With a clever brush Sam blank canvas in front of him. Shortly after, an abstract painting to finish. Make no mistake, the painter is a dog called Sat dogs living in the Eastern Shore, Maryland, USA, is capable of producing several best-selling works. The painting was sold for U.S. $ 1700 (USD 17 million).
"Sam has always been a dog, but the best selling abstract paintings in several galleries in New York," said Mary Stadelbacher, owner SAM.

Picture The Painted by dogs

According to Mary, Sam loved to paint and do not do for hours. Sam's favorite, played on the color of the canvas. It starts from the darkest color, then switch to the color of the youngest and brightest.

Picture The Painted by dogs

Stadelbacher, who opened the Bank Service Dog in America, it took four years ago to become a dog rescuer. Unfortunately Stadelbacher never completed training as an accident in his right arm. The operation failed and his right arm no longer works. Finally Marie is Sat helper
Later, Mary was inspired to form the paint. "I saw dolphins and elephants to paint, I said why not dogs?" Said Marie. Eventually, Sam was a trained painter.
"He has exhibited in several galleries in New York as she Dibro. Some art collectors have purchased his work, too," said the proud captain.

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