Friday, September 11, 2009

Keira Rathbone "Painter with a typewriter"

Keira Rathbone | pelukis dengan mesin ketikKeira Rathbone, 25 years old, from Poole, Dorset is a graduate of the arts faculty of the University of West of England in Bristol
Like other painters, Keira makes his art with pencil and paint. But that made Keira a bit different from the others is that he can also make a spectacular works by using a typewriter.

Lukisan dibuat dengan mesin ketik
Lukisan dibuat dengan mesin ketikLukisan dibuat dengan mesin ketik

Lukisan dibuat dengan mesin ketikTo make a painting, Keira could spend about 90 hours using only his right index finger to type the various characters who are generally in the form of punctuation (commas, line / liaison, slashes, parentheses, quotation marks), numbers and letters on a sheet of paper over times even thousands of times. But Keira prefers to use the quotation marks and mark the line to make the building and view and parentheses for a face. Other hand are used to move the existing dimesin paper type. In making a picture, Keira isitrahat certainly needed if it is to type / draw more than 1 hour. "Not a problem typing with the fingers but the pain in the arm for moving the paper," said Keira.

Lukisan dibuat dengan mesin ketik
Lukisan dibuat dengan mesin ketikThe works have been made Keira is the face, buildings, forests, plant motifs. The facial image as the face of Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, and Kate Moss. As for buildings, Keira Bournemouth Pier has made a very spectacular because Keira made in detail, and reportedly sold 500 Poundsterlling.

Lukisan dibuat dengan mesin ketik
Lukisan dibuat dengan mesin ketik"Some of my picture is a celebrity, but they must have interesting faces that made me want to draw," said Keira. "I never make sketches in pencil before you start to experience it all." Facial image, for example, I start with an eye and shape before making the other eye, then the next say, my mouth, "said Keira. Recently, Keira held show / exhibition at the Studio Grove, Southbourne, Bournemouth, for his works is amazing.


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