Friday, August 14, 2009

Giraffe Toes

Faux Giraffe Fact: Giraffes do not generally stand on their toes. They are quite tall enough, thank you. Lindsy was a fun model. I hope to body paint her again.
I'm really lucky to have some great models that I work with. Many of the models you may notice in different body paint photo shoots. It's nice when a you shoot with someone for a second, third and forth time because everyone is much more comfortable.
Some of the things I try to do to make my models more comfortable include letting them bring a friend, asking if the temperature is ok, encouraging breaks and snacks. I think the most important thing is edit the photos with the model. It doesn't matter how beautiful a model is, everyone has photos where they think they look bad. It could be that their smile is a little too goofy, their butt a bit too big or maybe they just think they have ugly elbows. I think if the model knows that they can delete any photo that they hate, it makes them much more comfortable when we shoot. It's all about making the model comfortable. If he or she isn't comfortable, it shows in the images.

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