Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Modern Painting by Basoeki Abdullah

Abdullah Basoeki many exhibit a single well in the country and abroad, among others, his work was exhibited in Bangkok, Malaysia, Japan, Dutch, English, Portuguese and other countries. Approximately 22 countries that have the works of painting Basoeki Abdullah. Almost spent part of his life abroad, among a few years lived in Thailand and was appointed as a painter and the palace since 1974 Basoeki Abdullah lived in Jakarta

Basoeki Abdullah's tomb is also a painter than a clever and often danced with the dancing puppet show wong as Rahwana or Hanoman. He was not only the matter of puppetry, Javanese culture in which it originated, but also like the composition-kompasisi Franz Schubert, Paganini and Bethoven, with such artists as wawasannya broad and does not Jawasentris.

Abdullah Basoeki married four times. Yoshepin first wife (the Netherlands) and then separated, have a child named Saraswati. And then married again with Michel Maya (single) and So Mwang Noi (bepisah also). Last Nataya Narerat married until the end of live and have children Cicilia Sidhawati

source : http://koleksi-lukisanlukisan.blogspot.com/2009/05/lukisan-modern-by-basuki-abdulah.html

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